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The Swervey Jones Show

Jul 28, 2016

Hey guys! If you didn't get to come out to the meet-up you can hear all about it here. We had a blast and thank you everyone who came out. If you didn't come out the next one will be bigger and better!

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Jul 25, 2016

Another one for the books. This Week we have our friends Travis and Jessica in for their birthdays along with Samantha (From Tom & Dan). We start off the show with a story from Swervey about Theoadore Mudfoot and air guitaring. We all take DOTW birthday shots! We talk about Drinking around the world with BDMs at EPCOT....

Jul 18, 2016

This week's show we get into the science of time travel. Swervey likes to catch Pokemon while buying milk at Walgreens. We check out all the sexy beaches Pitbull has to offer. Dali! Trey gives Swervey trash cash for coozies. Trey is into a TV show for once and swervey doesn't care. Oh and we don't forget that Family...

Jul 11, 2016

Swervey Jones Show! it's a Celebration! Not only did we get nominated for best Orlando podcast, but July 3 marks 1 year since Swervey and Trey started recording together. We touch on the Orlando Weekly nomination (Vote us Best Podcast) Swervey talks about his 4th of July where he "allegedly" got too stoned to find his...

Jul 3, 2016

This Episode is brought to you by...

Happy 4th of July everyone! This week's show we start out with shots all around! We talk about the Nerdy and Dirty Movie Review and listener requests. We Talk about Trey's "side hustle" for The Pipe Pint and Platter and Swervey's New...