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The Swervey Jones Show

Dec 28, 2019

This week Swervey and Trey have Samantha Haar in studio. We  recap our week of Christmas. We get into some of Sam's inspiration that lead her into her current career. Unexpected gifts are the best.  Krystal sends an email We get a few voicemails. We talk this decade and the next. 

Dec 21, 2019

On this episode Trey got banned from Tiktok, we relaunched Nerdy and Dirty, and a new "background adventure?" Swervey talks about his rap snacks and getting his credit card info stolen. We mentioned our Patreon move for members and dove into some serious jet ski fantasies... gold everything! 

Dec 21, 2019

Background noise is back or wait... what? Krystal tries to steal the show, Josh and Krystal recap their mini trip to North Carolina to get the Dunn's pug Morty, Dan Groen's hero email. We talk about the "members meet up" at Landsharks. Josh may have a bit of a gambling problem. 

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Dec 17, 2019


This is it! we finally have relaunched Nerdy and Dirty! on this episode Swervey talks with Town Tech about the HBO show the Wartchmen. We talk about everything all out of order and in true Nerdy and Dirty fashion we probably missed and/or screwed some things.... Enjoy!

Dec 14, 2019

So you see what had happen was.... Swervey moved the studio around and we had so issues... Nonetheless we talked about Swervey getting his dad drunk at his son's birthday part, and Ho his dad likes to preform at his halloween parties. Trey is full blown silly on his new tiktok account. He makes with the funny and you...