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The Swervey Jones Show

Jul 30, 2019

This week Josh is joined by his lovely wife Krystal Lunn from the Swervey Jones Show. This episode the talk about their "Pre-honeymoon trip to Georgia. Josh battles an earache the day before.  They talk about their hikes. Cloudland Canyons Park, Wanting to have sex because no one's around. There are way too many stairs. Hikers are nice people. Josh is some fat guys hero. They take a tour of the ghetto in Chattanooga and stay in a crack motel. They enjoy lunch at a Mexican place with Mexicans celebrating Independence Day.  Amicoloa falls was amazing.  Why is there no hot water? They attempt their hand at Gold mining and find gold in the form of a hell of a deal on beer. They stay at a super nice resort in Brasstown. They get locked out room, and locked out again. Mountain driving is crazy, and they call me Captain Blinker. 

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