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The Swervey Jones Show

Mar 18, 2020

Spoilers inside!!!!! Our guest is Townetech and we talk about both season of Altered carbon. We go over the entire story line. get a little nerdy. we made sure to bring up all the sexy stuff and breakdown everything. enjoy this episode!

Feb 12, 2020

SPOILERS INSIDE! We had our buddy El Rey in to discuss the 2019 film The Joker. We have some mixed feelings and break down the movie. I personally enjoyed it and hop you enjoy this episode .


Jan 2, 2020

Swervey and Brad recap Netflix's Witcher Season 1. 

Dec 17, 2019


This is it! we finally have relaunched Nerdy and Dirty! on this episode Swervey talks with Town Tech about the HBO show the Wartchmen. We talk about everything all out of order and in true Nerdy and Dirty fashion we probably missed and/or screwed some things.... Enjoy!

May 10, 2018

Swervey and Trey are Joined by Krystal, Josh, JT Money, and Sean Richardson to talk about the Epic, Larger than life, movie Avengers Infinity Wars.