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The Swervey Jones Show

Nov 23, 2015

This show was a madhouse, and it may be because BYOCB (a podcast that shoots the shit and drinks) is in the studio of a podcast that shoots the shit and drinks. With that being said, there were not only 2-3 drinks of the week from BYOCB but Trey decided it would be smart to do a whiskey and stout pairing. It gets better. We talk about beard glitter, Yoga Swing madness, mini man buns, Dr. Frank N. Stine vasectomies, Chris Fisher was taught improv from Wayne Brady, we are entirely too sing songy, Trey is wishy washy on what he is into, and Swervey is bad at cueing clips. We had a Blast having Chris from BYOCB and Bucs Brief and also Alex from BYOCB and SJS and soon to be NG etc. He wouldn't leave we had to shoo him out with a broom lol.