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The Swervey Jones Show

Jul 3, 2016

This Episode is brought to you by...

Happy 4th of July everyone! This week's show we start out with shots all around! We talk about the Nerdy and Dirty Movie Review and listener requests. We Talk about Trey's "side hustle" for The Pipe Pint and Platter and Swervey's New Mediocre Toons. We talk about how Trey was Pre-Guy Fieri and Swervey was mistaken as the Teenage pop band Hanson. James is in studio to talk about being in the SJS Weight-loss Challenge. Swervey does a bunch of "consecutive" pushups. Trey has a moment with another fat guy, and we wrap up with discussing The generational gap and its relationship to the technology age. Oh and did I mention we're wasted drunk on Jameson so there's that....

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