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The Swervey Jones Show

Nov 14, 2016

This weeks show ran a little short due to working out some bugs of some new equipment, but just like DJ Khaled we're the best. We talk about the new shirts that we've released and possibly only doing short runs on them. We find out that Trey has been planning the christmas party for almost a year now. We hang out with Kevin Sutton from ESPN Radio in a Best Buy parking lot. If you don't take naps you're not working hard enough. Swervey says that the air horn is played out. If you're dealt 2 shit hands you gotta choose shit, Trey has a slight meltdown and is fed up with Swervey and his "Shit".  We touch on legalized weed in Florida. There may be something to this butt stuff. We're voting Skeletor & Commander 2020. Our friend Samantha is a shit connoisseur, and don't look in that sandwich. 


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