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The Swervey Jones Show

Jul 24, 2017

Hey Guy's! It's time for another episode of The Swervey Jones Show. This week with just Swervey and Trey. We start the show with the eyeball flutters. Swervey explains to us his scratch off lotto ticket logic. Trey got a new couch and it's causing him to be lazy. We talk about old school street skating vs skating at the skating at the skate parks. Swervey hates HOA's cause he lives on a dirt road. That snake is trying to eat that baby. Calling out of work cause your dick is too big. Billy Jean is blowing up Swervey's messenger. Levis reaches back out to us and we think of the long con. We talk briefly about Spiderman Homecoming. Swervey's son is turning into a lemon hating real man. We invent Shopkins. 

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