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The Swervey Jones Show

Aug 28, 2017

So the show notes this week got wet so let's see how much I can make out. Krystal is back and we welcome her with making her do the Drink of the week. Cherry cheesecake drinks get everyone angry for some reason. Mike B the Bishop of Cum is in the studio with us. Swervey threatens to do the show by himself. We go the Best of Orlando 2017 (BOO) party. Swervey Humps Steezy's leg. Krystal shits Kriss Cross Applesauce. Trey eats a whole pork burrito. Swervey and Trey get into a fight. Krystal kinda talks about her eclipse trip, and Trey gets his titty slapped off by Lesbian Carrot top cause he blew a vape cloud.... oh and smack my bishop.

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