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The Swervey Jones Show

May 21, 2018

This week Swervey, Trey, and Krystal are joined by #JonesFAM member Dan Groen. We do a bunch of griping and airing of grievances starting with newspaper trash in the driveway, Orlando traffic, and tolls. Trey continues on with Drink Of The Week with a Kentucky Mule featuring 1792 Bourbon. Krystal has finally got her hoarding under control or so it may appear. We had to change the deadpool meetup location again... See what had happened wuz... We start a new website There are too many choices on menus. Trey Should be a restaurant consultant. We listen to Pariah Mike's 8th episode of Welcome to hell. We wrap with voicemails and end the episode with a bucket full of crab shells. 

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