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The Swervey Jones Show

Jun 18, 2018

This Week Swervey and Trey are joined by new parents Josh and Krystal. Josh doesn't realize we can't see his shrug on the podcast. Krystal is creepy and remembers numbers like rainman. Krystal has mesh underwear on. Don't put scotch on your crotch. Swervey has been working hard and learning nerd streaming lingo. Drink of the week this week is Beer From the Fridge. Krystal will whip out her milker and feed at the dinner table. Trey's shower bench holds 600 lbs. Swervey interrupts Trey. The punishment fits the crime this week on Pariah Mike's "Welcome To Hell" series.  We are turning out closet in to pumping room at the studio. We wrap up the show with some great voicemails. 

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