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The Swervey Jones Show

Sep 10, 2018

This week Swervey and Trey are joined by Krystal again fresh back from yet another vacation. Swervey Tells us more about the Gaming event on October 20th. Swervey loves Pirate movies. Fast and the Furious makes Trey laugh. Swervey is tricking his son into liking Marvel movies. Josh's pull out game is questionable at best. Krystal is turning into Swervey she delayed on calling Byrne Pest Control. Drink of the Week is Tequilade or Tequila and Great Bludini. Trey's sugar gap is way lower than Swervey's. Trey almost kills Krystal with off brand tequila. Why is Tommy going down the hill so fast? Swervey and Krystal start beefin over Mario Kart. Krystal takes Josh on a maxed out credit card Ohio State Adventure. KrystaL dyed her lady bits blue and sun dried her socks in the stadium. Swervey talks about the Nike endorsement of Colin Kaepernick. Eminem and Nike are better at marketing than you. We do a few voicemails to close out the show. 

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