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The Swervey Jones Show

Sep 17, 2018

This week Swervey explains pizza gate to Trey. The sign up for the gaming mee-up will be going live soon. Krystal doesn't know how to live like she is poor. Swervey and Trey need to take more vacations and Krystal needs less vacations. Swervey is screwing up his whole sleep schedule, again. Krystal is going to lose her opportunity to use Byrne if she doesn't call him. Trey has the stinky sink. Swervey prepares krystal to find breast milk cheese around the house. Krystal has a well fed spider outside her front door. Where does the mystery wire go? In the moment of passion don't open the doors for business if you haven't prepared. Swervey leaves and travel to the back of his mind mid show. Krystal owns part of an island that Trey wants to party on. You will spend at least $20 every time you leave the house. We end the show with voicemails. There is always a beast. 

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