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The Swervey Jones Show

Sep 24, 2018

Swervey and Trey are Joined by Chris America Drummer for the Rusty Wright Band. This week we come up with an idea for Life size Monopoly. Trey is a sucker for infomercials. Lets bring gators and snakes back to the almost extinct level. When you're cookin with alcohol you got to step up the proofs. Swervey deals with weirdo kids on Fortnite. We Play an unreleased single from Rusty Wright Band titled "No Man is an Island". We learn that we should start screening Voicemails. Crespo asks if you could restart your podcast would you reformat it? We talk more about our Gaming meetup and close the show with an amazing cover of Mississippi Queen.

Rusty Wright Band 
Twitter: @RustyWrightBand

The Rusty Wright Band will be releasing a new single from their upcoming Album. The song "No Man Is An Island" will be available on all platforms on Oct. 4th, 2018

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