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The Swervey Jones Show

Oct 15, 2018

This Week Swervey, Trey and Krystal are joined by Booyon A member of the classic Swervey Jones Show. We discuss the upcoming October 20th gaming meet up and how we are giving away Halloween Horror Nights tickets. We start a financial planning with Swervey segment. We debate moist or dry cum. Trey is becoming an old man with morning and evening pill cases. Swervey updates us on his shame shed. Drink of the week is shit from the cupboard. Swervey gets into Fortnite. Facebook Video ads really grinds Trey's gears. Krystal enters way too many Instagram contests. Elrey leaves us a voicemail that gets us reminiscing on our favorite childhood video games. We finish with a message from Crespo Contemplations.

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