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The Swervey Jones Show

Apr 15, 2019

This Week we're running lean with just Swervey and Trey. Swervey's son calls at the beginning of the show. We are Giving away all the tickets for our Avengers Endgame Meetup! Swervey goes crazy with the giveaways for the meetup. Krystal never stops going. Trey and Swervey are baffled by her choice to go to Earthday Birthday. Trey works too hard on editing the show. Trey has a iHeartmedia conspiracy theory. Drink of the Week is a Blueberry Lemonade Whiskey Smash and it has made Trey's teeth numb. This week is the Finale for Game of Thrones. Swervey tries to get Trey to play Skyrim. We learn A giant will bubba club you to death and Trolls are not your friends. Cruise drinking is a chore. Clear alcohol is safe around Swervey. We find out how to get a moth out of your ear and we shit on a Doodoo robot. Trey shares his morning doo doo towel technique and an emergency that happened in the studio. We close the show with voicemails.

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