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The Swervey Jones Show

Apr 22, 2019

This week Swervey and Trey are Joined by Dabbz K from the Re-Up Podcast. Swervey eats a salad when drunk. Olive garden does Trey dirty and Dabbz doesn't know how to order Italian. Swervey and Dabbz go to Bacon's Bounce House in Fortnite. Dabbz tells a child that he will F**k his mom. We show off out merch for the Avengers Endgame Meetup. We discover what Chochalizing really means. Playstation is creative with the names of their Gaming System. Swervey Shows his dirty feet on the the twitch feed. Swervey tells a food service story about getting Reggie the dishwasher too high. You got to watch out for the red white people. Old ladies are quiet racists. JT Money calls in with a Greivence. Swervey rarely goes barefoot. Dabbz doesn't know any of his show's passwords. Facebook thinks Swervey Jones is a real person. Be like Dabbz, a red blooed American, and drink Mountain Dew every day.

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