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The Swervey Jones Show

May 12, 2019

This week Swervey, and Krystal are joined by Trey the one and only doodoo towel Professional. Trey wants all the gold and white. This week we try to figure out if "Too many chiefs not enough indians" is politicaly correct. Krystal's air conditioning broke. Chrisher got rats. Swervey has a strong anti cobra policy. Krystal's rathouse got sold. Snapchat has gender swap filters. Trey hooks everyone up with airconditioning filters. We consider making a podcast telling the story of the show. Krystal refuses to do parody song. If you Travel to China you might not come back. Playing fortnite with Donkey shame. We are putting together game night at bru tap and Trey layers jokes.

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