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The Swervey Jones Show

May 20, 2019

Swervey and Trey give Krystal the week off for her bachelorette party on this mid week show. Swervey gets distracted by money. We live the fantasy about what we want to wear to Krystal's wedding. We think tank an idea for a human sized dog obstacle course. Dabbz is "one of the Good ones" on Fortnite. We're surprised we haven't been kicked off of Twitch yet. Trey doesn't know where to get a new wallet. Swervey goes full caveman. Rich guys carry money clips to show off. Swervey tortures his kids with the scalp massager. Trey buys a Big Fig Mattress for big ol' fatsos. Swervey and Trey tackle the Alabama anti abortion topic. Visual entertainment will take over audible entertainment. Swervey gets trojan from Morgan Freeman. 

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