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The Swervey Jones Show

Sep 8, 2019

This week Swervey and Trey have Josh in studio from Background Noise. We open the show trying to figure out what the british dish “Spotted Dick” is. Trey never cooks the same thing twice. Swervey shares the trick to a good dad meal, “coat it in orange”. Super Nintendo is now available on the Switch. Drink of the week is liquor bottles and free glasses and no mixers. Swervey shows Trey about Jim Henson’s Dark Crystal. Conan O'Brien’s Comic Con suit was dope. We’re all anti school at its current structure.  You can buy a Swervey nose hair and Trey greasy rib printed pillow. We talk about video games Krystal’s Canyon topless pics, and alot more on this week’s Swervey Jones Show!

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