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The Swervey Jones Show

Sep 14, 2019

Krystal is back this week with Swervey and Trey.  We recap our terrible weeks.  Swervey and his family spend the week hugging the trash can. Dr. Trey tries to give his diagnosis.  Krystal got attacked by a paper straw. Drink of the week is tropical nonsense. Trey is bubbling positive energy. Krystal buys roller derby skates to elbow kids to get Halloween candy. 2020 Will make Eddie Murphy Great Again. Comedians getting grief for offending the easily offended. Trey's highdea invents a drain that saves shower water to flush doodoos. We talk about living off the grid. The government controls all we can and can't do. What are the generational differences between college and education.  Trey has conspiracy theory on the government getting real time opinions by listening to conversations. We talk sexual bucket lists and wonder if aliens have STDs. We teach Krystal what a drill press is. We test twitch rules with sex talk. 

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