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The Swervey Jones Show

Nov 30, 2019

This week we're pre-recording at SJS Studio Red for the Holiday. We talk about how excited we are for the Zero Fucks Giving Event the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Trey hates abreviations. Krystal Googles a lot of celibrity nudes. The scheduel is a wreck again and Trey is oblivious. Is Amazon using fear to sell keeping...

Nov 24, 2019

This week Krystal is out sick so Swervey and Trey hit up Dabbz and Bacon from the Re-Up podcast to swing through. Swervey tells the story of when him and Bacon met on a "man date". Dabbz tells a story pondering if he should put his legs up. Dudes be sliding into Swervey and Dabbz's DM's. Sometimes you play gay chicken....

Nov 16, 2019

This week it's just Swervey and Trey. We start of with Trey having an emergency call from Hoobaty McBoobaty, False alarm! she just boob dialed. We talked about our quickly approaching Landshark event in Daytona. Discussed Trey's Back and Hip issues. Then dove into a small amount of Disney+ and a whole bunch of nonsense...

Nov 9, 2019

We're gonna keep it short this week cause it's guys night and Swervey and Trey are Krystal-less. We talk about our weeks, the exciting new direction we are going to take our content. There's a drink of the week that tastes like bowling alley. and we laughed a bunch.... umm. yep.

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Nov 2, 2019

This week we try out another prerecorded Twitch show. Swervey shares his useless knowledge from Reddit with Trey and Krystal. Trey encounters a redneck parked at Dollar General about Trump. Swervey's daughter gets in the Honor Society. Swervey's card  gets declined due to Chinese processing problems. We talk about our...