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The Swervey Jones Show

Apr 24, 2015

Me and Bill sit down and talk about adventuring, animal's that seem to want to die, we show are nerd dadness, talk tv shows, and just listen.

Apr 16, 2015

Jason Returns - Three words! Jim Fucking Henson!


Feb 19, 2015

My buddy Jason returns for another fine episode of dirtiness. Drunk again... We start out being nerd dads talking about big hero six.... Then after a few we let loose and it gets dirty again...

Feb 11, 2015

Im not sure why but me and my buddy Jason decided to down a bottle of fireball. Then we did two podcast and this is the first one... Oh man im not sure if we should even release this... Lotta dick talk and some sexy at the end. Pure awesomness

Feb 3, 2015

Sorry for the long delay. Had to sit January out for family bnirthdays and just to clear my head. In this episode its me, Bill and City talking about our drinking, smoking, and past drug habbits.  We compare back to the future to the present. Clone masturbation. Watchmen, and Aquaman Throne of atlantis.