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The Swervey Jones Show

Apr 9, 2018

This week show we go long cause we're having a good old time with Dabbz in studio. We all agree we hate Dasani water. Trey spreading fake news all over the place. Swervey is rocking a polo with a clean haircut. Krystal is wearing a Thor mask and we design her a special hammer. Swervey is a habitual dick grabber. We discover the Galactic cap condom. Swervey takes off his pants. We find out the real reason Dabbz wears long shorts. Swervey is getting his killed in Fortnight. We remember the infamous Swervey flip. Krystal has Asgard ass scars. We do some nerd talk with Legion and Final space Pariah Mike send in another clip from Hell, and as usual we end the show with voicemails. 

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