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The Swervey Jones Show

Apr 16, 2018

This Week We Have Mike B and Owen from the Oh No Radio Show. Swervey used a lot of black sharpie when he colored a Bob Marley art piece. We talk about Venues and Swervey in his band years. Are old school analogue nintendo game controlers better than USB controlers. We talk crazy Uber and Tinder date stories. Clean your pistol gun oil after putting it in and put the man in the boat in the barrell. We're all wearing sunglasses on twitch. Swervey is playing Just Dance with his Kids and flips into Dad mode. Would you eat a dog? There's another update in Pariah Mike's Welcome to Hell's Waiting Room. Do you throw your toilet paper in the toilet or the trash can. Mike B forgot how to use sandals at the beach. We end with voicemails and we save an old Meemaw's life.

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