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The Swervey Jones Show

Jan 7, 2019

Swervey, Trey and Krystal chochalize on a Friday night. We all want a 1930's dapper makeover, We're bringing the bowtie back. We recap a members show where we talk Big Band Jazz music. We would love to do a Members only club like a speakeasy with dumb Passphrases instead of a password at the door. Swervey feels bad about goiters. The McDonalds chick throws down and lights this drunk dude up. Drink of the week is Glenfiddich 12 year scotch. Trey is thinking about switching the swoopy doop hairstyle up. Swervey only flicks the hard boogers. Krystal finds a trouser snake and we close the show with some great Voicemails. 
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