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The Swervey Jones Show

Mar 4, 2019

This week Krystal is back with Swervey and Trey. She has been gone so long she doesnt know whats going on. We talk about all the fun Emojis Twitch subscribers get when they subscribe. We discuss how technology is going backwards and how we will eventually have fold out phones again. Krystal gets a Polaroid camera for Christmas and takes it back because of film cost. Krystal has racoons and Trey tries to shame her into selling her house and moving. The phrase "he could suck farts" is the end to any story. Trey's vape took a car ride on the roof. Trey locks his keys in the car at the car wash and needs to be rescued. Swervey doesn't know what it's like to buy a new car. Pariah Mike hits us with another episode of Welcome to Hell. We talk about how to handle a bully in 2019.

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